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What An Honor for Joe  / Loretta Woltz (None)  Read >>
What An Honor for Joe  / Loretta Woltz (None)
I happened upon Joe's site through the Stonewall Jackson H.S. website. I was looking at clubs that my 15 and 16 year olds could join in making a differnce in our community. This is a great club in Joe's memory - what an honor. I will encourage my kids to join. May God continue to comfort your family and friends from this tragedy into His many blessings and love. Mom, I've read your many lighted candles and as a mom, I know that Joe knew you were the best mother in the world. My dearest blessings on the 26th. Close
Legacy / Michael Earl (Friend/naighbor/exte-nded family )  Read >>
Legacy / Michael Earl (Friend/naighbor/exte-nded family )

I still think about you everyday Joe.  There are no words I can say to express how much I miss you.  Everytime I hang outwith everybody I hear such awesome stories about you, and it really makes me wish we hung out more the past couple years.  You truely never now what you have untill its gone.


Much love man. We all miss you very very much.

It Never Is Easy  / Jack (Step Dad )  Read >>
It Never Is Easy  / Jack (Step Dad )
Nearly a year, it seems so long ago.  Your continuing impact on so many others is your legacy.  We all struggle to deal with your passing, yet for a mere 20 years of life, you have touched so many and made them better people.
Your Mom & Dad were great in court.  Their passion more than their words told the tale of how much you are loved and missed.  I love you too and not a day passes that you are not in my thoughts and prayers.
I miss you  / Kyle (Good Friend )  Read >>
I miss you  / Kyle (Good Friend )
Hey Joe, It is hard everyday to not think about you. At first I tried to fight it, but you were to good of a friend for me to do that. I think about you a lot, and all the fun we had together. We cried together, laughed, yelled. I consider you my first ever friend, and I will always remember that. There are days where I feel that I am being watched over, and I know it is you, making sure that I stick to being clean. I owe a lot of my recovery to you Joe. Even though we didn't see each other for a while, which I regret, I will never forget all of the good times. I know you are watching over me, and I am glad to say that you are my friend. I love you Joe, and I miss you a lot. Watch over you family, and make sure your brother stays out of trouble for me ok? I love you man, and I miss you a lot. From, Kyle Close
Foolish Acts of Cruelty  / Glen Stietzel (Teacher)  Read >>
Foolish Acts of Cruelty  / Glen Stietzel (Teacher)
As a teacher, I see many acts of senseless cruelty whether it be attacking by word or hand. High school is a highly competetive harsh environment where students berate each other to raise their self-esteem. Even the real world does not exhibit this form of cruelty to the extent which high school students do. I hope that through the Joe 15 club we can instill a sense of compassion for other students so these rash acts of violence do not occur.  Close
I still miss you.  / Michael Earl (Friend/Neighbor)  Read >>
I still miss you.  / Michael Earl (Friend/Neighbor)
I'm sitting here trying to express how your death has impacted my life, joe.  Trying to find words to write it down just seem to escape me, is there a way to convay to someone what its like to lose a life long friend? Close
In your memory  / Bridgit Phelps   Read >>
In your memory  / Bridgit Phelps
I never got to know you, but I feel I know you through your wonderful and encouraging family. I hope that my work with them will be of some consolation. Close
You will never be forgotten.  / Kellen Hunsberger (Friend)  Read >>
You will never be forgotten.  / Kellen Hunsberger (Friend)


       We may have lost you on the physical plane, but you will never be truely lost, because there will always be people out there who will remember you and rejoice in your name forever.  I didn't know you as well as most people, and I wish that I had.  That's one regret of mine.  However, I am confident that we will all see you again when our time is done here.  Who knows, you might be needed up there more than down here.  Hopefully I'll be able to make your next gathering, I'm not sure because I leave for boot camp at the end of this month:(  We all love you and miss you, Joe.  We ask that you watch over us and guide us through the remainder of our lives=)

Your friend,


You were more then a Friend to me  / Karlie Cobb (Friend)  Read >>
You were more then a Friend to me  / Karlie Cobb (Friend)
Joe P, you were more then a friend to me you were family (brother in-law), the best man at my wedding, my dancing partener and "My Main Man". I miss you man this should have never happend. It has been almost two months and it still does not feel real to me. I know you are in a better place than we are, thats for sure. Knowing that does not make it that much easier though. I would much rather have you here with all of us. I think about you everyday Joe, but you know that. You have impacted my life for sure, you tought me to never care what other people think and not to get in the middle of stuff that does not invole you. I am going to see you again Joe and i cant wait untill that day comes. This is absolutely the hardest thing i have ever been through. But our memories is what is going to get me through. And we got alot of them, the first time we ever hung out outside of work, camping, the first time you and Mike D ever tried to smoke a ciggerette in my car, The beach in 06', spring breaks, and numerous nights out.

I miss you JOE P. I love you JOE P. You are forever in my heart and thoughts.

Love Karlie,
I Can't Find The Words  / Jack Maples (Step Father )  Read >>
I Can't Find The Words  / Jack Maples (Step Father )

Every day I struggle not to remember you as you fought for life or as you lay in your casket.  The images that I try to make flood my mind are of our last dinner and evening together in celebration of your 20th birthday.  When that fails, I reach back as far as I can to find another happier time or event.

These are the pictures I want to keep in my heart.  Your rare, small, shy and often wry smile that you'd let cross your face.  The little twinkle in your eye.  It is the warmth of your person and not the coldness of death that will always define you my son.

In spite of all of my efforts, however, I can't shake the awful memories that keep invading and intruding on those happier times.  I can't find the words to tell you how very much I miss having you in my life.  Your were my child by choice, not birth, but my child nonetheless.  Losing you was such a painful experience that mere words will always be insufficient.

I'll always love you, my son.  I'll always speak of you with pride and do my best to carry on your memory for as long as God grants me the breath to speak.

My Simple Prayer  / Brenda Pendleton Spencer (Aunt)  Read >>
My Simple Prayer  / Brenda Pendleton Spencer (Aunt)


I've been searching for the right words; however, you know my heart.  You were much like me, quiet, not having a lot to say, but taking all of life in.  You knew that a smile would brighten the day whether happy, sad or mad.  A smile might just be what was called for to bring joyous laughter. 

I have been reading over some of your distant relative's poetry that she had written.  I never got a chance to share those poems with you.  Laura wrote poetry about life on the farm, she was never married and lived at her homestead all of her life  (1915-1990).  I only got to know her about a year before she died.  However, she shared in many of our traits.  During this time I would bring her groceries, in return she shared her poetry and tales of life on the farm.  They were much different from the life and times of today. 

Below is a poem she wrote after the death of her sister.  I have had it memorized since the day she shared it with me and I hope that it will be bring comfort to those that read it.


my fallen soldier  / Zachary Mccauley (bestfriend, brother. )  Read >>
my fallen soldier  / Zachary Mccauley (bestfriend, brother. )


hey bud its been a little bit over a month since you were taken from me.. not a day go's by without you crossing my mind, actually you take up alot of my day,  I miss you so much joe, this still doesnt seem real to me, you were always such a big part of my life, and you still are. You were my bestfriend, my little brother, and the man i wouldnt let any one talk down to, and now your my gardian angel, and i kno you are watchin after me everyday, keepin me out of trouble and that make me feel so good. I go see you as mush as i can but i have been workin alot, i got a new job with dish network, im finally growin up lol you would be so proud of me man. We have so many memories together joe but there memories that i will carrish for as long as i live, and when my time comes to join you i kno you be there waitin for me, and i cant wait for that day, ill have so much to tell you.

p.s: i love you so much joe and i kno you knew that

watch over my brother,

love, Zach


it's so hard to say qoodbye.  / Brittany Parrish (Friend, Moocher. =] )  Read >>
it's so hard to say qoodbye.  / Brittany Parrish (Friend, Moocher. =] )

i seen you tha day before this tragic incident happened. when i got tha phone call, i had sudden flashbacks. we weren't that close, but we chilled enouqh times for this death to affect me as hard as it has. i miss you so much, too much. i still to this day don't understand why this had to happen to tha most innocent person of them all: tha quietest one, yet tha craziest one. i was there when you qot your nipple pierced for cryinq out loud. and you walked outside shirtless. lol. i could name many times we've been toqether but i would be writinq a novel. you were an amazinq person to be around and i just wish that i could spend atleast 10 more minutes just to say qoodbye. i had tha chance to do it at tha hospital when i seen you.. but i was certain that you would pull thru it. as stronq as you are.. i was for sure you were qonna make it. it hurts me to think about tha seven days you were sufferinq with everyone who loved you in the waitinq room. we supported you to tha fullest. the only qood thinq about this bad accident was that you aren't sufferinq anymore and your in a better place. i want you to know that i love you and so does everyone else who's life you've entered. i know your still alive in my heart.. but i want you to be alive and here.. with us.. partyinq.



i miss you.

Tragic Ending  / Alisha Whited (Cousin)  Read >>
Tragic Ending  / Alisha Whited (Cousin)

There is no real way to begin to explain exactly how your life has impacted us all.  I will never be able to forget that Tuesday afternoon when I got the call that we need to get there ASAP of course we did.  Im glad that I was able to spend some time with you even if it wasnt as much as I would have liked.  I'd have to say that in our family you were the quiet and sweet one, Im not sure how you were able to survive us truthfully.  I have great memories of us together, the one that sticks out the most is when you bounced me off the trampoline and you must have belly laughed for a good 15 minutes.  Well I would go through all that again if it meant you were here with us now.  Your tragic loss is even harder for me than I even thought possible.  As a mother now yeah I know its a scary thing...hehehehe but I understand just how precious each child's life truely is.  I give your mother and father much credit for the remarkable man you were turning into.  I know you had your rebellious side, we all went through it but at the end of the day you were a terrific son, brother, nephew, grandson, cousin and mostly friends to pretty much everyone you meet.  It was comforting to hear some of the stories that your friends told about you.  I would have liked to have spent some time with "Joe" but I am extremely grateful for the time I spent with Joseph.  I know that you are in a better place but while you're there take some time out and watch over us. I hope you know how much you are loved and missed by not just the family but by your family of friends.       


Its so hard, to say goodbye.  / Tara Cobb (Everything, but most importantly best friends )  Read >>
Its so hard, to say goodbye.  / Tara Cobb (Everything, but most importantly best friends )

I miss you so much. Now that your not around I dont have any one to call when im upset and just need someone to talk to, I dont have any one to take me on random car rides out in the middle of no where just to talk the entire time about life in general and whats been going on, no one to yell at me to go to school, and now I have no ones hair to cut. The day I lost you, is the day I lost my best friend, my fighting partner, my partner in crime, and I know longer have your laundry to do, or your hair to cut, your voice to listen to, or your arms to hold me up when I'm going down. Every day that goes by I see a picture, a place, a gift, or something that reminds me of you. I think of you everyday, and till this day I dont want to accept your not here, the thought of not seeing you for a while kills me, even though I know your in a much better place than me, and your happier. You taught me so much and I will forever carry you with me in my heart forever. I cant wait to see you again Joe. Every day that goes by is just another day closer I am to seeing your face. Sweet dreams, Thanks for watching over us all. YOUR THE BEST GAURDIAN ANGEL EVER!! Better meet me at the gates joe. We have to make that track we didnt get around to maken!

Love you always and forever,  Through life and after death untill eternity. Your still alive in my heart, and that will never change.

Ps: Hope I get to see you again, real soon.

You were always a great friend.  / Mike Earl (Friend)  Read >>
You were always a great friend.  / Mike Earl (Friend)

Man, Joe, remember when you, Michael, and I used to wake up at like 8am and skate 'till dark back in like 5th grade? Good times man.  I remember when we all went to Lake Anna and got soo sun burned we could barely move and would just laugh at each other's pain.  You and I haven't talked in a long while, and I'm now really starting to regret it.  "You never know what you have until it's gone" could never seem so true right now.

I'm gonna be working with Debbie to do whatever I can to help prevent this from happening again.


You were always a great naighbor.

You were always an amazing friend.

R.I.P. Joe


love will keep us together  / Brian Cummings (cousin)  Read >>
love will keep us together  / Brian Cummings (cousin)
This is your cousin Brian, I'm gonna miss you very much.  I wish I had the chance to hang out more when you got older, but I will never forget the times we had when you were younger.  I don't know what else to say except that I love you and I will see you in the next life. Close
We miss you Joseph!  / Laurie Wolfrey (Cousin)  Read >>
We miss you Joseph!  / Laurie Wolfrey (Cousin)
Joseph, as I write this, what happened still doesn't seem real. I think about you everyday and I sometimes find myself talking to your pictures. We were only 5 months apart. I have pictures of us kissing each other and riding our trics together when we were younger. I also have one at Cathy's house where Alisha's dog Payton is eye balling a hot dog you were eating. Although we were not as close as we grew older this still hits me so hard. I was going to school for accounting (although I changed my major) and I find myself thinking that we had so much in common and this could have easily been me or anyone. I know you are in a better place and I am relieved that you are no longer fighting and suffering. Seeing you in the hospital was the hardest thing I have ever done. We were all there for you for days. You are so loved by so many people, not only family, but wonderful friends. I hope and pray that both your father and mother can find some kind of comfort in all of this. They both raised such a sweet, caring, and loving son. They should be very proud of themselves, not only for their creations but the strength and support they gave to each other and to all of us present at the hospital. Joseph you are so missed. I keep waiting for this to all be a dream. No matter how much time has passed the pain does not seem to subside. I want to help your mom and dad in any way that I can but nothing I say or do will ever change what has happened or take the pain away. Joseph, I love and miss you and I know we will meet again one day. Close
Life will never be the same . . .  / Meg Maples (Older Sister )  Read >>
Life will never be the same . . .  / Meg Maples (Older Sister )

JoJo,  I have loved you since we became family and I will never forget you or the kind soul you possessed. Our house will seem slightly empty without you around, though we will always remember you and all the good times we had.

I am glad I was able to come home and at least say goodbye. We will miss you and see you again someday!

I miss you so much!  / Debbie Page-Maples (Mom)  Read >>
I miss you so much!  / Debbie Page-Maples (Mom)
How am I going to live without you?  You were a part of me and I feel like something is missing.  My first born, my pride and joy, the one so much like me.  You taught me how to be a mother and we experienced all the firsts together (good and bad).  We've had so much fun over the years and made lots of memories.  I will cherish those memories forever.  I'll never get to hear you tell me that you love me and hear your friends teasing you in the background (you always said it anyway). I know you are okay and that gives me comfort.  You'll never have another day of bad luck.  I'm going to work very hard to make sure this senseless tragedy never happens to another family.  I want to do it all in your name with the help of your friends.  We will make a difference!  Sweet dreams, Joseph.  I LOVE YOU! Close